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ILFORD XP2 SUPER Single Use Camera Review

November 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I was challenged by one of my fabulous photography groups on Facebook to shoot with a disposable 35mm film camera! You remember those? I sure do! Back in the day they were perfect for whenever you were out and forgot your camera. We didn’t have camera phones back then but I still took a ton of pictures. I did a little research and found the Ilford XP2 Super Single Use Camera with Flash (27 Exposures) black and white film. I love Ilford and C-41 b/w film makes it easy to develop.

Here are some specs on the camera found directly from

Built in Flash – effective up to 10ft


Shutter Speed 1/100

Minimum focus is 3 feet! This threw me off as anything closer was out of focus.

Armed with this basic information I was able to get a good idea of when to use this camera.

Front of the Camera was covered with a tough clear plastic

Back of the camera was exposed, no covering. 

First photos I had to take the kids out to Redondo Beach for sunset. I had them running up and down.

So I cheated a little and stacked a Lees graduated ND filter over the lens. If not I can tell you the sky would be blown out but I had a feeling the girls would be underexposed

So here if I turn the girls around I was thinking I could get their silhouettes. It appears I got more than their silhouettes but I really like the way it turned out.

As the sunset this camera handles perfectly. 

Next couple images I tested the built in flash. These restaurants were very dimly lit. I was pleasantly surprised how well the flash photos came out. 

We attended a birthday party and I got inside the jumper to take this shot. This cutie got too close to the camera, notice everything is in focus behind her.

Oh boy here is a real test. Being so small I was able to tuck this camera in my pocket. While capturing a wedding I took a few photos with it. No flash as I didnt want to blind the bride. 

It didnt handle sun flair too well. I suspect the plastic covering added hazing. 

Too bad this was taken in shade and too close I should have backed up but photos on my DSLR came out fine standing here. 

We went Crawfishing in Malibu Creek. I'd say in bright sunlight and shade this camera shines. Checkout the dynamic range. It almost picked up all highlights and shadows.

second wedding on the beach in full sun. It handled pretty well.  

3rd wedding due to scheduling we got to shoot portraits after sunset. The DSLR's were fine since we had flash. I didnt use flash for these images. Check out the LA city background which was correctly exposed. The wedding couple however were too dark and grainy. 

After school, homework, and getting ready the sun set. Again I get grain and it's proving difficult to shoot in the dark.

This was taken overcast. I was too close to this possum so he came out blurry. He was released unharmed.

Got to shoot a portrait session with this beautiful couple. Yes full sun works! 

This photo I put a ND filter over the lens and it looks like everything came out properly. 

This final image was taken during a wedding I thought I had more film left as I wanted to get the wedding couple in this shot. Again the dynamic range of film is incredible. Straight out of the camera on my DSLR the shadows were black! 

Over all I enjoyed using this camera. I got a little more than the advertised 27 frames (more like 29). Of the 29 frames only one came out horribly dark. I feel for amateurs who don’t understand shutter speed and aperture failure rate would be much higher. I would recommend taking photos during the day and using flash indoors. I must admit everyone who saw me take photos with this camera were happily surprised. Many didn't even know they still made them. FILM is making a comeback! What good times we shall have ahead!


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