American Korean Fusion Wedding at The Clubhouse at Anaheim Hills

March 19, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Bride and groom decided to have an American and Korean wedding. The wedding was supposed to take place outdoors at the beautiful Anaheim Clubhouse but due to rain the ceremony was moved indoors. Since we were confined to indoors we had to get a little creative with our lighting setups. The couple wore traditional Korean hanboks. It was hilarious how I was trying to get them to pose in edgier modern styles but when we went to cheesy old traditional poses the bride said that was what she was waiting for! My favorite memory was during the Pyebaek ceremony. The groom’s grandmother was so excited she skipped her part and went straight into throwing chestnuts to see how many great grandkids she would have! All throughout the portrait session our bride could not stop laughing which caused me to laugh as well! I seriously had to wipe away tears as I looked through my camera to see our bride laughing up a storm.



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