Fuji's repair service on my X100T

May 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

As an Avid photographer I try to take my Canon SLR equipment everywhere! From photoshoots to personal trips there are times when it just doesn’t make sense to lug all that gear. That’s where my nifty Fuji X100T comes in. It gives me amazing images all packed in a little body. I take my Fuji to places/shoots I dare not take my SLR! So needless to say when my Fuji X100t’s shutter button wasn’t working properly I was pretty bummed. The shutter button was stuck and hard to press. Still under Manufacturer’s warranty I decided to mail in the camera for repair, link here.

I had mixed emotions about sending in my camera not knowing how much it was going to cost to repair. If Fuji said I had to pay for repairs due to my mishandling of the camera I'd have no options but to pay for the repair. To my surprise the camera was returned to me in about a week. Fuji had replaced the top plate of my camera, no questions asked, and free of charge! Wow I must admit Fuji has impressed me and I will continue to purchase Fuji products for life! 

Got the camera well packed and a description of repairs done.

Awww so great to have my camera back

Brand new top plate.

Well done Fuji thank you!


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