Sophia + Ozzie Blomgren Ranch Wedding

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You generally won’t get a good reaction if you tell a bride that her dress, flowers, and pretty much everything else was going to be 2 hours late! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bride handle situations so calmly. Sophia always had a smile on her face all the way through the wedding! Nothing was going to phase her. When asked how she’s taking everything so well, she simply said “I understand things are going to be out of my control, I’ll just smile, and enjoy the day!” Wow I was floored and amazed! This beautiful wedding took place at the Blomgren Ranch in Santa Clarita CA. Since the venue reminded me of an old charming western set we decided to shoot in that kind of theme. 

I found this dictionary/giant book on a shelf and decided to use it. Their talented videographer  added the acorns. I love synergy! Check out this sign, it's so awesome, this couple has a wonderful sense of humor. 


Details details details, we were given over two hours! I never get this much time for details!

The dress, we had to be so careful! There was a ton of nails and dirt everywhere!

I like to work on group shots first so we can release the wedding party. These guys were hungry and thirsty but sacrificed for the bride/groom.

Ladies did such a great job. Running around in dirt with dresses and makeup aint easy!

This groom was so charismatic and hilarious!

I'm a sucker for sun flair and the sun flared!!!

Close to a silhouette shot, I decided to bring back some of the bride and groom detail for more interest.

Darkness and festivities came it was time for some off camera lighting.

This photo does no justice. The venue in person was so beautiful at night! 

Sometimes the same photos of dancing lit with flash are boring. I like to mix in some long exposure, flash, and camera movement.

Ok have you ever had a fresh churro, I mean fresh out of the fryer!? They had a churro cart and I had this for the first time! Woooow!

Fresh Churros! They were soooo good!

Congrats you two! Thanks for a wonderful time!



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