NYC & East Coast Street Photography

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With camera's in my backpack and a plane ticket in hand off I went to the East Coast for a family vacation! It was tough trying to grab street photography photos while keeping up with family. The difference between street photography in New York vs Los Angeles is the compact landscape. New York appears to be more dense than LA thus creating people in closer quarters and moments seem to start as fast as they end. I felt people moving faster and more aware of their surroundings. With the endless supply of billboards, signage, and buildings it was just a matter of finding interesting subjects. I used both my canon DSLR and Fuji x100t for these images.

Sometimes moments happen so fast I'm forced to fire from the hip. I saw some people having a conversation and

my own reflection.

Although out of focus I loved the expression he gave me as I walked by. 

Everyone was on a big screen so they did'nt notice me taking a photo of them

Something about this photo strikes me as being odd I can't put my finger on it. 

By Far my favorite shot of the set. I saw 5 NYPD Vehicles pull up on the sidewalk so something good might happen! I waited for 10 mins but nothing was going on, then all of the sudden this girl walks into my shot to take her sweater off giving me this great look.

Hustle and Bustle

Night time and time to sleep. 

All sorts of interesting people crossing the street at night 

New York street food on every corner 

This artist was soooo skilled.

Chess in the middle of the street as an officer watches on.

Someone give this man $750,000,000 please!!  Time for sleep no matter how many cars pass by. 

Officer looks like hes going to stop these guys with their nice car

Time for a nap

This guy was selling fruit but was pondering something

Having a morning meal 

Looks pretty exhausted 

That is not vodka in this bottle...


Next set of photos are from Washington DC

I had to wait my turn to speak to this gentleman.

This gentleman was such a great sport I forgot his name but he was so happy and awesome!

Behind the White House

Not sure what he was trying to preach but interesting never the less

Jefferson Memorial

3 duck butts and Lincoln Memorial

Thanks for taking the time to check out these photos.


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